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Primal Brood has always had internal guidelines for who we raid with and who is given access to our "friends forum." Some are well known, others are not:

- We do not grant raid/friends access to people who we do not know. Introducing yourself on the board is fine, but it doesn't mean we know you. Group/talk with Brood members in game and get to know them.

- For raiding we need at the least 24 hours advanced request. Please do not ask to attend a run as it is starting.

- Guild Leaders (Rexlar, Brutul) grant raid permission. Your interactions may be with an Advisor or member, but approval still must come from a guild leader. Abusing advisors because they haven't approved your attendance isn't helpful.

- To receive friends access you must be "vouched" for by a member in good standing and it still must be approved by the leadership.

- We're a large guild made up of many people. It is important to us that people work well together. If you are rude/lack discipline, we're not likely to add you to a raid. Nothing frustrates leadership more than spending time during a raid dealing with interpersonal issues because a person is being uncivil. Behaviour is very important.

- While skill with the game is very important, we're not going to overlook the above. Telling us you can sustain 700DPS doesn't matter if you're a wanker that no one wants to be around.

- While there are some cases of PBFriends raiding with us long term, we prefer people to raid as a friend as a step in the application process to join the guild as a full member.

- People spending time with us should be familiar with our charter http://www.primalbrood.org/charter.php

These aren't here to scare people off, but to give a realistic set of guidelines. We are always interested in new members.
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Just wanna add to this. Have the person who sponsored you send a leader, Malarkey, Darkcicle or myself a PM to request friends access for you. We get tons of folks we have no clue who you are asking for friends access. Its best if your sponsor does it and it will get taken care of alot faster.

Your sponsor is responsible for you. If you have any questions about how things work or what you should be doing you should ask them first.