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Wow gratz on baby GW.))))))) So ya have your very own gnome to lug around now huh..... well nothin better for those 2am feedings then doin it playin eq!!!..... Ya really bring them outta the wood works Syfon an rithy too all in same post lol you all need to come back an roam around a bit. Lots of new shiney wepons rith just waitin for a leeezard like you to claim. anyway take care an hope to see yas around.

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Post by Benzarden »

Bump, let me know if there is another 'come back and play for free' deal going on. I just quit WoW last week and am looking for something else to occupy some time. See you guys soon, maybe, hopefully.

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Post by Mysterria »

They generally do the free month around the anniversary dates, which just passed :?

Think they email former active accounts about it, so make sure your account's email is up-to-date.