I stole primalbrood.org

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I stole primalbrood.org

Post by Brutul »

If anyone's still looking here, the domain expired. I think Malarkey was the owner of it but I'm not positive about that. I picked it up from Godaddy who was auctioning it and turned it on for at least another year. If anyone still wants to use this board even occasionally I'll probably keep it going. If Mal or whoever wants the domain back get in touch with me.
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Post by Toadloc »

it's alive!

I was worried it was gone forever :( Glad you snagged it , haha

Also hope it hasn't been forgotten in this downtime.
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Post by Yrys »

Woo! I couldn't get my PB lurking fix and had withdrawal pains.
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Post by Yrrej »

I have been testing The Secret World for six monthe. I just found out that the closed beta server is being transformed into their "Test" server.

Is there any interest in forming a Primal Brood cabal (guild) on that server?

If so, please respond to me at "sheski3@comcast.net" and I will try to organize it. I have plenty of free time since I am no longer with Intel.

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Post by Turlus »

Glad to see it back, maybe we should start a facebook group for all the test players...