*Yawns And walks out of NToV* Morning!

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*Yawns And walks out of NToV* Morning!

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The strange winged Iksar poked his head from the confines of the High Temple of Veeshan... He stopped for a moment, sipping at a steaming cup of coffee. He looked around to see old faces, and new. His eyes twitching from the long years of meditation he yawns toothily, sparks of strange starry dust emitting from his snout.

"So, What is it that calls this samurai from his meditation?"

He asks with a smile his claws dancing across the hilt of his katana and gripping at the Fabled Sword of Truth on his back.

"Well? What shakes Norrath so greatly that I must return?"

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You will have to relearn the game I think with soo many changes and upgrades all over
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Nahhh not much to relearn other than a warrior havin his very own personal princess cleric that he can toss in his back pocket. Actually last couple expansions been fun sod was a great expansion for people to come back to easy to get caught up gear wise.
But the real reason is norath has lots of new coookies an very few leezard warriors. ohh an i did see someone rip off Rithnoks good name i think that must be defended
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