Primal Brood; Woe To The Fallen
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August 07, 2008
PB is Recruiting, All Classes, Hot List: Bards, Enchanters, Shamans, Rogues
Primal Brood - A Everquest Guild of Test Server


Hanvar and Jelvan provided Primal Brood with the Test server's first Epic 2.0s! Congratulations to Bofurry on the Test Server's first epic 2.0! And Siocnarf who followed with #2 a day later. Well deserved and long awaited!

Congrats Bofurry! Congrats Siocnarf!

And here comes the loot.

We didn't waste much time once we got in the door. Besides these two, Jelvan and Ture bit the dust as well. AMV survived our first attempt but it won't be long before he follows in the footsteps of his Anguish Brethern. Note the beautiful positioning on Hanvar!

Keldovan the Harrier Warden Hanvar

Anguish at Last!

CONGRATULATIONS PRIMAL BROOD! After many months of farming signets and wiping in MPG trials, Primal Brood has finally entered the Citadel of Anguish! Great work everyone!

Entering Anguish

The Dragons of Norrath were right to be Nervous

Cause now they're farm material! Yar`Lir, Kessdona, Rikkukin, and T'shara make a nice raid night. Vishimitar, your days are numbered!

Yar`Lir the Living Storm

The New Kings of Riftseeker's Sanctum

We have been visiting the King of RSS from time to time for a long time now, with painful results, but this time was different! The King is dead, long live PB!!

King Gelaqua's Recently Evacuated Throne

The Lodge of The Fang

The once loyal and determined Shadowmane leader, Matriarch Shyra, had changed. She needed to be removed from power. Primal Brood was tasked with the mission.

The Removal of Matriarch Shyra

The Dragons of Norrath Are Nervous

Yes, quite some time has passed, but The Brood made a return visit to Rikkikun. This time, the results were significantly different. Well Done!

Rikkikun The Defender Rikkikun's Bane
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