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August 07, 2008
PB is Recruiting, All Classes, Hot List: Bards, Enchanters, Shamans, Rogues
Primal Brood - PBfriend Application Form:

Greetings, and thank you for your interest in raiding with Primal Brood!

The status of PBfriend is a privilege that we may grant to individuals who are accomplished players in good standing with Primal Brood as well as the server population at large. It is a special exception that allows us the opportunity to grant individuals permission to attend Primal Brood events.

Primal Brood is not a raiding alliance. While we have many long-term friends, it is important to bear in mind that members of Primal Brood do have certain privileges. Priority for VFlags and inclusion in lower number instanced events are good examples.

PBfriends are bound by the same codes and rules outlined for full members. Before filling out this application, please read our Charter, here, or use the menu link to the left. In addition, you should fully understand our DKP system. Disagreeing with any portion of the Charter or DKP Rules negates any reason to fill out this application.

We do not support people who swap main characters. Please apply with your main character. If you're uncertain which character you wish to play it would benefit you to decide that first. We do not condone changing mains nor do we allow Alts or Bots except in very rare circumstances.

Take Heed: Primal Brood reserves the right to say "No" immediately. Additionally, significant negative behavior or feedback can result in Primal Brood raiding privileges being revoked permanently. Negative behavior is typically caused from abuse and lack of respect to your fellow raiders, but could also be from excessive AFKs/constant mez breaking or consistent failure to follow directions. We are moving into progressively difficult encounters and people should be focused on the raid, not external distractions.

By submitting this application, you not only agree to the conditions already provided, but to the following as well:

  • You are Level 70.
  • You are a mature player with a clean reputation.
  • You will participate in a trial period of 20 raids, minimum - some trial periods may be longer.
    • Access to the PB Friends forums will be granted after the Trial period.
  • You will be assigned to a Long Term Raider (LTR) who will be your leader and guide. When possible, the LTR will be someone you are already familiar with. It will be the LTR's responsibility to inform you of Raid Procedures, answer your questions, and lead you through the raid. It is your responsibility to follow instructions, and to learn Primal Brood's procedures.
         To be clear:
    • During the trial period, you will be placed in a group with your assigned LTR.
    • You will follow all instruction given by your LTR.
    • You will direct all questions to your LTR.
    • You will not contact Guild/Raid Leadership directly, unless approved by your LTR.

As a PB Friend, we require that you do not actively raid with any other raid organizations, other than your own Guild. This is due to instance and dynamic zone restriction issues and the need to maintain raiding cohesion and stability.

Primal Brood requires that you do not share strategy, targets, etc. with anyone. Doing so is grounds for immediate and permanent removal from Primal Brood raiding.

Attend as many raids as possible. Primal Brood is working on raid content that takes coordination, familiarization with raiding, understanding PB strategy per event, and a faith in your fellow raiders than can only come with having spent a lot of time raiding with Primal Brood. We are not interested in people who only want to raid when bored or when the moon is blue. Attendance while not mandatory is often used as a deciding factor in certain situations.

Main Character Name:
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Do you have Run3?: Yes No
Are you able to Shrink, spell/item?: Yes No
If yes, how or what is the item?
How many hours per day do you play:
What time zone do you play in:
Current Guild?:
What former guilds were you in and why did you leave them?:
Why do you want to raid with Primal Brood?:
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