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August 07, 2008
PB is Recruiting, All Classes, Hot List: Bards, Enchanters, Shamans, Rogues
Primal Brood - Understanding Our DKP System

Primal Brood uses a DKP system to manage the way we do loot. How does this system work? It's pretty simple, but there are four main points: How you earn DKP, How you spend DKP, How we track DKP, and Exceptions to these rules.

How you earn DKP - You raid.

Raid targets are assigned a point value. This value is what you will earn per event.

  • You are expected to show up on time in order for raids to begin and end in a timely fashion. Attendance is taken at the beginning of the raid for reference only. Excessive tardiness can result in loss of points at the Raid Leader's discretion.
  • Points are earned from attendance taken DURING the mob fight only.
  • Bots do not earn DKP. In other words, you can bring them, or have yourself botted - but the PLAYER earns DKP for only one character. The Player's dkp will show up under his Main Character. See Exceptions for clarification on bots/alts/healerbots.
  • ALTS earn full DKP for the MAIN character, but must be approved by Primal Brood Leadership in advance. See Exceptions for clarification on bots/alts/healerbots.

How you spend DKP

When loot drops, the raid leader will announce it and open bidding via tells. Bids are "blind" and are /logged. Bidding is open for one minute only.

  • You can only spend banked DKP; you cannot spend points you will be earning on that raid.
  • You can never bid yourself negative (ie bid more than the points you posses)
  • You must have the minimum of 2 DKP banked in order to place a bid.
  • You must be present in person to place a bid, not botted by other players
  • You may bid on items for alts/bots/friends so long as the alt/bot/friend is in the zone and capable of getting to the corpse on their own. The points will be deducted from your DKP.
  • The winning bidder is the player that bids the most DKP points. However, they pay the second highest bid value. (This prevents artificial inflation of value).
  • You may NOT combine your points with anyone else's for the purpose of placing a bid.
  • You may NOT give your points to other players.
  • Bids must be equal to or greater than the minimum bid value of the item.
  • In the event of a tie, the tie bidders will be asked for second bids privately.
  • In the event only one bid is placed, the winner buys the item for the minimum bid value.
  • In the event of a 2-way tie with a PB member and a NON-PB participant the PB member will win by default.
  • Players are allowed to "win" as many items as they can afford. ie: Darkcicle can win uberloot_01_sword_from_hell and can also purchase Oakin ( alt-bot ) uber_item_02 as long as the alt-bot can get to the loot in a reasonable time frame.
  • In order to bid on an item, the intended recipient must be of a Race/Class/Religion that can use it. Additionally, if the item has a recommended level, the intended recipient must be within 5 levels. If it has a required level, the intended recipient must be within 1 level.

How we track DKP

DKP is tracked locally via the EQdkp database system. You can view our DKP system here.

  • Earned DKP - we use /raid dump files and /who logs to take attendance. This is done during the fight or directly after a DKP valued fight. This /raid dump file is then uploaded into our DKP site. Corrections and problems should be reported via PM to Darkcicle and Shadoh. Log files from the raid will be consulted and adjustments made to player DKP as needed. The value of the raid target is automatically added to each raid participant's total DKP.
  • Purchases with DKP - are entered on the DKP site and automatically deducted from the player's total DKP.
  • Adjustments - in some cases there will be manual adjustments to a player's DKP. This will be noted in the Raid Dump postings on the Primal Brood Website. See Exceptions for how adjustments are applied.

Exceptions to DKP Rules

  • Healer Bots - Specific healer alts/bots are used on a majority of Primal Brood raids. These characters must be approved by guild Leadership in advance, and are reviewed regularly for participation. These characters are necessary to the guild, and as such have been allowed to earn 1/2 raid value DKP in their own pool. When placing a bid for a healer bot, the bid may not exceed the banked DKP of the Healer Bot. At the Main's discretion, just like for alts, they may use the Main's dkp to bid on items for the Healer Bot, but the two dkp pools may NEVER be combined. Healer Bot's have one further restriction — their dkp pool may only be used to make purchases for the Healer Bot. Main players are NEVER allowed to use healer bot points when placing a bid for the main character. All other rules apply the same.
  • Approved Alts – Only alts approved by Leadership will ever be allowed to earn DKP. You will never earn “double” dkp playing both, but on occasions when raid leaders have given permission, you may play your alt and earn full DKP to your Main account.
  • Anytime a player is asked to either sit out a raid, or to play some other character for the benefit of the raid - the player will receive FULL points to their MAIN character. When a Healer Bot elects to camp the Main to focus on healing, the Healer Bot earns FULL points. The Main, not being present, will earn zero points.
  • Anytime a player shows up to a FULL raid (72+ mains characters; bots will always be booted in favor of mains), and is turned away based on lack of room - the MAIN will receive full points. This does NOT include zone-server downages, stuck players, active character error 1018 messages, loss of internet connection or anything else out of the Guild Leaders control.