Primal Brood; Woe To The Fallen
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August 07, 2008
PB is Recruiting, All Classes, Hot List: Bards, Enchanters, Shamans, Rogues
Primal Brood - Our Charter:

1.  Several things to know about Primal Brood:

Primal Brood is an Everquest Test Server guild for serious high-level players interested in raiding professionally, and playing skillfully together, on a regular basis in exploring some of the most dangerous places in Norrath. Primal Brood endeavors to work as a team to accomplish progressively greater challenges. Every member of Primal Brood is important, respected, and appreciated.

We have a low overhead, politics reduction, guild management system. Our system of Rules and Guidelines are designed to prevent arguing or disruption of game play. All Rules and Guidelines are clearly posted and upheld. The guild leaders are entrusted to protect the interests and vision of the guild, and they have final say on any proposed rules or guide lines.

All members have a "level focus," and are actively seeking to reach level 80; as well as further enhance their character with raid-friendly AA abilities. Members of Primal Brood endeavor to be honorable, kind, and respected by the Test Server community.

2.  Reasons for denied membership or guild-removal:

  • Constant negativity (especially concerning loot).
  • Attempting to lead Primal Brood anywhere for a "raid" without prior approval.
  • Sharing your account information with non-Primal Brood players from any server.
  • Sharing our strategies and tactics with people outside guild.
  • Sharing things said in /guild chat or /raid channel with people outside guild.
  • Only participating in raids that can further your character(s).
  • Using the name "Primal Brood" to intimidate others.
  • Defaming Primal Brood with rude and insulting conduct to others.
  • Badmouthing Primal Brood.
  • Ninja-looting, Kill-stealing & Training.
  • Selling items or characters on ebay.

3.  Leadership:

  • Guild Leader - Brutul
  • Guild Leader - Rexlar
    • Advisor - Aldinya
    • Advisor - Coii
    • Advisor - Elronns
    • Advisor - Maston
    • Advisor - Quoq
    • Advisor - Shadoh
    • Advisor - Siocnarf
    • Advisor - Tide
    • Advisor - Wallo

4.  Applying to Primal Brood, 101:

  • Level Requirements:
    As a raiding guild, Primal Brood requires members to have a goal of level 80. This goal should be reached in a reasonable amount of time from guilding. If you are a family member or real life friend of a long-standing Primal Brood member, we will consider lower level entry on a case-by-case basis. In general, you should achieve level 61 before applying for membership.

  • What you must have:
    1. A Shrink Device
    2. An Indoor Insta-click Device

  • Applications:
    Primal Brood follows it's Charter closely, and takes it very seriously. If you still feel you would like to be considered for membership, you can submit an application for review. The Primal Brood Application can be found here.

  • Hopping:
    Primal Brood does not consider "guild shoppers" to be serious or focused. So, if you've applied to other guilds, it would be to our mutual benefit if you concentrated your efforts on them. This will increase your chances of gaining acceptance into the other guild(s).

5.  Attitude:

We expect every member of Primal Brood to be respectful, polite, and empathetic to other players on the Test Server. Our members are mature, responsible, and caring; and it is expected that they will act that way. Any inexplicable reports of bad behavior (i.e. disrespect, rudeness, disregard for other players safety) will result in warnings and possible expulsion from the guild.

6.  Class Balance/Characters:

While Primal Brood membership is not based specifically upon what class a person plays, it is a factor. If a person is undecided upon which "main" class or character they wish to play in the end game - take the time to determine that prior to applying to Primal Brood. The character that you apply to Primal Brood will be considered your "main". Changing "mains" is NOT allowed. We need to maintain class balance as much as possible. This may affect your membership into the guild.

7.  Guild Communication:

  1. Disagreements:
    Primal Brood forbids arguing, negative comments, as well as verbally attacking other members in any form of EQ communication. It is unacceptable in all situations. Pledges and members are expected to be mature and use /tells to resolve their differences.

  2. Hot Topics:
    Everquest is a game that does not involve the "real" world. As such, discussions of politics, religion, or any other "hot" topics are not acceptable. Discussion of current events that are important to Americans may offend our Danish members, or visa versa. Negative comments reduce the enjoyment for all members.

  3. Language:
    People are free to use whatever language they see fit, so long as the purpose is not to attack another person. If you do not like to see "curse" words, we suggest you turn your "filter badword" on. Please try to limit lewdness to something that wouldn't offend the average sailor.

  4. Spam:
    Be Considerate. Do not use /guild chat and/or /channel to carry on a conversation with another guildmember in which the majority of the guild is not involved or interested. Use /tells or create a channel for your conversation so as not to spam the main communication channels.

8.  Connectivity:

Going LD every 5 minutes is counterproductive for everyone. A stable internet connection is highly recommended and we encourage you to contact your ISP to determine any alterations you can make to enhance it.

9.  Loot/Rewards:

Primal Brood uses a points based loot system known as DKP.

10.  Raids:

  1. Shrink
    Shrink devices are required for all applicants. You need to shrink as soon as you enter the raid zone.
  2. Channels
    Join channels before you move to the raid zone. If you are not in channel, you will not get a group. If you do not know the channel name, ask politely.
  3. Questions/Chatting.
    • Raid Leaders - During a raid is not the time to play twenty questions with the raid leaders; nor is it time to give unsolicited "suggestions". Raid Leaders are extremely busy. Any time spent responding to you holds up the other 50-70 people in the raid and takes the raid leaders attention away from their responsibilities.
    • Group Members - Ask your group members any raid procedure questions you may have. If no one in your group can answer your question, request the group leader get the answer.
  4. Raid Say
    Raid say is a restricted channel for raid leaders only.
  5. Authority
    Do not assume authority to communicate things which you are not responsible for. This includes instructions to zone or camp in bad situations, or giving raid instructions. The raid leader assigns people these responsibilities.
  6. Buffs
    Do not ask for buffs in the "day" or raid channel. Buffs should be requested in the pbbuff chat channel. If you need a particular buff and do not receive it, ask your group leader to get it for you.
  7. Exploring
    Your ability to hide from creatures does not entitle you to a solo tour while we are raiding. Do not wander; we will not save you...
  8. AFK
    If you need to afk, it is your responsibility to inform the group leader and arrange to be moved should we move in the meantime. If you do not inform your group leader and you are left behind, it is your responsibility to get either a CoH from a Mage or ask a rogue to drag your corpse.
  9. Placement
    Do not stand between pullers and MT for any reason.
  10. Attacking
    Do not attack, cast, or make funny faces at the target until the assigned MT calls for /assist. This means you MUST have a hotkey with /assist (MT name) on it.
  11. Proc/Aggro Weapons
    If you are neither the MT/ST/Spite, the aggro/proc weapons get put away. Pulling aggro off the MT might be funny to you, but getting TL'd out will not be.
  12. Max Distance
    Stay at maximum melee distance from the mob. This is the point at which you can no longer back away and still hit. STAY AT MAX MELEE DISTANCE.