Primal Brood; Woe To The Fallen
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August 07, 2008
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Primal Brood - A Everquest Guild of Test Server
King Odeen Surrenders! Frostcypt Entered! and Defiled!

King Odeen~ didn't even have the guts to die horribly like a real giant, he actually put up the white flag and gave up his toys plus access to Frostcrypt to save his own skin (after repeatedly trying to just run away). I'm sure his giant friends aren't to happy with him, and they may take revenge if we ever let him free from serving drinks in the guild hall.

Odeen begging for mercy!

We didn't waste much time once we finally got the door open to FC1. First we met a guy that recognized our obvious uberness and made clones of us or "shadow selves" you might say, but he couldn't do it fast enough to save him. After that we found a guy that tried to get his 2 little brothers to soften us up, but they weren't strong enough to save him either. Finally we found this "tactician" fellow. He tried all kinds of stuff, building walls and hiding behind them, porting us away from him, calling for help, but in the end, he learned the hard way that all the tactics in the world won't help you if you fight like a weakling...

Hearol's tricks couldn't save him!

After all that we were just strolling down a deserted hallway and Quoq stepped on a torch or something and all hell broke loose. I didn't get a screenshot, but it looked exactly like the undead army from that new Mummy movie. You could even say they had "overwhelming numbers". We decided to walk in a different hallway for that day, but we'll be back!

Sooo many zombies!

And no, we did not go straight from killing Vish to FC, although that would have been pretty cool. We just have a very lazy news page updater. Here's all the stuff we killed in between for the first time, that should have been reported but wasn't...

Erdna the Sleeping Giant
Lugnah the Arcane
Vertekin the Soothsayer
Pyre Lord Narseekin
Sendaii the Hive Queen
Master Vule the Silent Tear
Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw
Kellak the Serpent Lord
Fabled Criare Sunmane
Fabled Jaxoliz Dawneyes
Fabled Peregrin Rockskull
Fabled Perfected Warder of Earth
Fabled Xanamech Nezmirthafen
Fabled Pyronis
Fabled Terris Thule
Fabled Babnoxis the Spider Queen
Fabled Blazzax the Omnifiend
Fabled Hydrotha
Fabled Arch Mage Yozanni
Fabled Krziik the Mighty
Fabled General Reparm
Fabled Mithaniel Marr
Fabled Va Xi Aten Ha Ra
Fabled Diabo Xi Va
Fabled Diabo Xi Xin Thall
Fabled Thall Va Kelun
Fabled Diabo Xi Va Temariel
Fabled Aten Ha Ra
Fabled Chancellor Traxom
Fabled Warlord Prollaz
Fabled Chancellor Kirtra
Fabled Omni Magus Crato
Fabled Azobian the Darklord
Fabled Hebabbilys the Ragelord
Fabled Reaxnous the Chaoslord
Fabled Javonn the Overlord
Fabled Arlyxir
Fabled Protector of Dresolik
Fabled Jiva
Fabled Rizlona
Fabled Solusek Ro
Fabled Xuzl
Fabled Tallon Zek
Fabled Vallon Zek
Fabled Grioihin the Wise
Fabled Agnarr the Storm Lord
Fabled Saryrn
Fabled Keeper of Sorrow
Fabled Bertoxxulous
Valik the Cruel
Maestro Tanlor
Mad Mary-Anne
Anastasia the Thought Drinker
Corruption of Ro
IRA (Living Legacy 1)
IRA (Living Legacy 2)
Udengar The Traitor


After many nights of learning, and a bad start to the night, everything finally clicked, and here's the result!

Congratulations Primal Brood and Friends!

This fight is a real gut check for a raid force. I can't tell you how far this raid group has come in the last few weeks on this fight, from wiping at 75% on the first try, and moving by increments, slowly but surely, to finally bring it together in a 21 minute fight with 46 people working together, doing their job, and pulling off a great kill. Enormously satisfying win, congrats to everyone!

While we're here, since I have been ridiculously lax with updates and even more lax with taking screenshots, here's a quick and dirty list of the new heads on our wall over the summer :)

Wintersting the Black Oak
Porthio the Second Born
Emperor Draygun
The Council of Nine
Ruingtor the Champion
Severan the Direwind Caller

Sendaii, the Hive Queen....Get ready, you're next! Demiplane of Blood, here we come.

Epic Update!

Yeah, we got some more epics, including the first Cleric, Rogue and Bard 2.0's! Congrats to Bigd, Catmar, Drathmar, Hexelle, Madreada, Megolash, Mysterria, and Prostie!

Congrats Bigd! Congrats Catmar!
Congrats Drathmar! Congrats Hexelle!
Congrats Madreada! Congrats Megolash!
Congrats Mysterria! Congrats Prostie!

Time saver!

Why didn't we think of it sooner? On the way to Anguish the other day we stopped in WoS to do the Discordling Spiritcaller for Prostie's epic. To our suprise, when we got there, Ladonna was along and ready for the Lightning Lord fight. Due to brilliant planning, those mobs spawn in *exactly* the same place. We took a cue from Mark Antony and figured, "When in doubt, ATTACK!" In the end both mobs died and we got 2 epic fights for the price of one.

Unfortunately no one took a screenshot, so instead I'll post a pic of the time Maclaren and I fused together to create a Berserker/Warrior hybrid Uber-Barbarian. Of course we didn't kill anything because unleashing that kind of power would undoubtedly crash the server :)


More new mobs dead!

TSS? We paid a visit to the Sunderock Springs to see what was there. Well what was there was Oblivion and Mistwalker, which both wound up with their nose in the dirt :)

Mistwalker Oblivion

Here be dragons!

Hey, there's dragons in Relic! Well there were. Getting Anguish down to a 2 night clear has opened up a raid day for other things, and we visited the Relic dragons for the first time and relieved them of their treasures.

Ashenback Shar'Drahn

Return of Ragefire!

Old timers will remember this guy as one of the worst camps in EQ history, but now he returns as a spawnable mob, as he should have been from the beginning. He's looking a little worse for wear, and he seems to have left Naggy's lair and moved to Florida to retire, but it's none other than our old friend Zordak Ragefire. One tip, if you're kiting him over the water, make sure your lev isn't in a slot that's gonna get dispelled. Congrats Mysterria and Madreada on being ready for their 2.0s

Congrats Mysterria! Congrats Madreada!

The epics keep on rollin in!

Fire up the tractor, Anguish is ripe and it's time to harvest. Everybody loves Epic 2.0's. Congrats to Bodden (not pictured), Brutul, Clearsight, Earldamann, Gilgameth, Quoq, Ryda, Shadoh, Tdiven, Wallo, and Zheth on shiny new epics!

Congrats Brutul! Congrats Zheth!
Congrats Clearsight! Congrats Earldamann!
Congrats Gilgameth! Congrats Quoq!
Congrats Ryda! Congrats Shadoh!
Congrats Tdiven! Congrats Wallo!


Anguish has continued to die, and continued to provide us with sparkley Epic 2.0's. Congrats to Iueara, Maclaren, Marque, Maston, Rexlar and Tadenea on shiny new epics!

Congrats Iueara! Congrats Maclaren!
Congrats Marque! Congrats Maston!
Congrats Rexlar! Congrats Tadenea!

Look what we found!

Arch Magus Vangl didn't last too long in the face of Primal Brood. On top of that, he gave up a Breastplate on the first kill! Congrats to Bofurry on a rare (and expensive) piece of loot. You may also notice in the BP shot that killing AMV opened up the big boy, Overlord Mata Muram who we charged for great justice with no strat whatsoever and reduced his hps to at least 99%!

Congrats Bofurry! He'll be dead any minute!
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